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  • Sakura Live is the website where you will want to be if you want to check out some of the finest genuine girls you can from Japan. It is a specialist site dedicated only to Oriental beauties for fans of girls with plenty of eastern promise. You pay through a token system so you can watch as much of any particular girls that you want, whenever you want. No need to worry about any recurring charges - just load as much as you want and then use it at your own pace. Enjoy the girls! This site currently claims that it has somewhere in the region of 17,000 contacts registered on the site at the moment. At the time of day I logged on, there were about 100 of them online. I really like the idea of genre-based cam sites such as Sakura Live which focus on a particular type of girl or even a type of content. Sometimes, finding something or someone you are more likely to enjoy on broad cam sites can be almost impossible. This sorts it out more specifically for you! This certainly delivers some VERY sexy Japanese girls to you - there are some real beauties on board here and they are very eager to please. But did I run into any problems here? Well, yes - specifically a language problem in that many of them didn’t speak English. It’s a bit of a problem on a site such as this, really! There are also some interesting looking features here but the site doesn’t really explain what these ‘lips and hands’ features are - these are features for the user where you can "feel" the girl with the hands and with the lips you can "kiss" the model. For example you can finger the models pussy with the "hands". These features cost the user 1 point per minute while using them. . The sessions usually set you back between $1 to $4 per minute, which I think is quite decent for a live cam site. I think there is a gem of a good idea behind Sakura Live but unfortunately the language barrier is a major problem here as any models must surely be able to speak English and Spanish at least. It’s very hard otherwise for monoglots like me to communicate with them. But I like the idea and I think it has been largely well executed and I think with a bit more attention to detail as well as making sure that the non-Japanese contingent is only a rare thing, this could be a very good cam site indeed. Quite impressive.

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